SEO Secrets

SEO Secrets

Even after using tons of tips & tricks, reading articles on SEO for hours, watching YouTube videos for days, you failed to beat few monster bloggers in your niche?

Don’t worry! Relax! We’re gonna find out the reason and we’re gonna win the SEO race! But to win the game, we gotta practice. Practice & patience is the key to win this game!

Okay okay!! I know you wanna know about SEO. Let’s get to the point!

But first things first, lemme say this: “PASSION LEADS TO SUCCESS!“.

Here are 11 thing to keep in mind:

1. Unique and relevant page titles: If your page titles are not relevant to your page content, your site’s bounce rate will increase and which will lead to lower rank in searches. (Bounce rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who open your website but won’t go to any other page and leave without spending an amount which is considered significant by the search engines.)

2. “Description” META Tag: This is what Google will show in search result, and which will make visitors think if they should open this page. (Again, if the descriptions is not relevant, your site’s bounce rate will increase.)

3. Site structure: Make your site easier to navigate. Use simple-to-understand URLs. “” is much better than “″. Create a sitemap and submit to Google & Bing webmaster tool.

4.Content: This is THE single most important factor of a website’s SUCCESS! Write unique, useful, and quality content. Before starting a blog or website read others blogs and websites in your niche. CONTENT IS THE ALONE FACTOR THAT CAN GET YOU ON TOP IN GOOGLE.

5. Anchor text: What is anchor text? <a href=””>Anchor Text</a> So, whenever you create a link to another page or website, do remember to put  accurate anchor text. “Read more about ‘topic’ or Read these policies before placing an order” is way better than ‘Click here for more’.

6. Optimize your images: These days search engines are smarter than ever. They can search for the exact image you want. So why not optimize all the images on your website to show up in search result. And the best news is we got the “ATL” attribute to tell search engines what our the image is all about. USE IT!

7. Heading Tag: Heading tag is not the <head> html tag. There are 6 heading tag <h1> through <h6>. The <h1> tag is the most important, as it makes those texts stand out and gives visual cue to users that this is important.

8. Robots.txt: This file tells search engines if they should crawl and index a particular page or not. It helps you to prevent search engines from crawling some pages you don’t want to show up in search results. Make effective use of this file.

9. Update regularly: Post at least twice a week, unless you’re too busy. Then post at least three times a week. Create as much great content as possible.


11. It’s time to be social! Be active on social media. At least on these 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Write for human not for robots. What I mean is focus on what people need not what search engines. And provide quality content and service. Your site will rank better than ever.

It’s your turn. Let us know what helped you to get better result.

Enjoy blogging!! Best Luck!!

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  1. Thanks for your share guys.. :) this the true secrets


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