One of the largest villages in Begusarai, Bihar.

Jaimangla Garh

Ancient Temple belonging to Pala dynasty period, sacred place of surrounding villages, archeological findings suggest was fortified place surrounded by moat.

Kaber Lake

The Kabar lake (Birds Sanctuary)  is one of the most relevant natural resources of this area. The multiple tangible and non tangible benefits that the lake offers to this area are countless.

Manjhaul Market

Manjhaul offers the largest market for nearby villagers. People from more than 10 nearby villages come to Manjhaul for work and shopping.

Jaimangla Garh

Jaimangla Garh is famous not only for its archaeological importance. It is a historical site related to the religious sentiments of people of this region. It has ample reputation as the Shaktipeeth. Goddess Jaimangalain local tradition is believed to fulfill the wishes of devotees. The sculpture of Vishnu is placed in another temple just in the northern side of the old Goddess temple. It is said that the area of the mound was entirely covered with forest, which was helpful in Tantra-practices. The vast Kaber lake touching the foot of the mound presents a remarkable landscape to the viewers.

Jaimangal Garh is infact a set of two mounds. The western part is separated by a channel from the main eastern part. The eastern has evidence of fortification. At present the temple of mata Jaimangala, for which the site enjoys the great popularity in local tradition, is situated on this southern part.

Kaber Lake (Birds Sanctuary)

It is one of the largest lake of India. It expands in a vast area of 64 square K.M. situated in the Manjhaul subdivision of the district., Jaimangal Garh is situated on the southern flank of the vast Kaber lake .Kaber lake is a shelter of hundreds of species of domestic and migrant birds. Birds from Siberia and Himalayan region can be seen here during winter season. The famous archaeologist Salim Ali resided here for his research work and was influenced with life protection Act 197 and a proclamation was made by the government to develop it as a Bird Sanctuary but years have passed with the hope in the eyes of local people.

Birds including different species of Cranes, Doves, Hawks, Fowls, Quails etc. and a variety of aquatic plants create a wonderful scene here in the winter and spring.

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