My Life Goals

My Life Goals

We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision. You gotta have a BIG vision to know what your abilities are. Don’t be afraid. Fear limits YOU and YOUR VISION. It’s okay to DREAM and dream BIG. KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE. KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE. Don’t just exist. Live. Thrive. DARE TO DREAM!! – Abhishek Kumar

Most of my friends and family members would love to talk about what their dreams were and what they wanted to do, but they couldn’t because things didn’t work out for them and moreover dreams don’t come true. And they never forget to blame others for this. If they had done something instead of making excuses, world would have been a better place.

Dreams keep us motivated and goals keep us going. But we gotta take action to achieve our goals, to make our dreams come true.” 

I created this page to keep a track of my life goals. It keeps me inspired and motivated. Whenever I feel low, I’d read this page. It gets me excited.

1. Quit the job

I once read somewhere that, “Only dead fish go with the flow.” I think I was in high school when I read that. I didn’t exactly understood the meaning of this beautiful quote back then. But after I graduated from college and started working as a corporate slave, I started to understand the meaning of this very well. And I realized that I had become a dead fish myself. I had no purpose, no motivation, I didn’t even know why I was working? All I was doing was waiting for the weekend.

A year and a half later I started to feel that I would die if I keep working here. Those two days off in a week weren’t enough for me. So finally I quit my first job after 23 months, and started traveling across India.

I spent four months traveling and discovering beautiful Indian mountains and jungles. Later some unexpected things happened and I ran out of money. So I had to go back to corporate slavery again. But I couldn’t work for more than 17 months. So I quit my job again. But this time not to travel but to start a business. Things didn’t work out well and once again I found myself in a job I didn’t like.

This time I worked for 34 months. It wasn’t easy at all, but this time I had a purpose and I was motivated. I was working to earn and save money so that I could travel around the world. I finally quit my third and last job in December, 2017.

2. Visit all seven continents

We get one life and we should make most of it. I don’t think that we were born to spend our whole life in one place. And we were definitely not born to only get a degree, get a job, earn money, get married, have kids, and die.

I want to experience everything this life has to offer. So, I have made this my life mission to visit all seven continents.

3. Travel without money

I know it sounds crazy, but I will do it.

4. Visit all the states of India

I love the diversity of India. It has got everything that a traveler could desire. It’s like an entire universe in itself. And I’m proud to be a part of this beautiful country.

5. Build a house for underprivileged children

It’s important to give back.

Explore. Dream. Discover

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