Increase your AMEX credit card limit in 5 minutes

Increase your AMEX credit card limit in 5 minutes

You know that feeling when you open your wallet and your friends are shocked to see how many credit cards you possess.  We all love to carry multiple credit cards and more than that we need good credit limit on them. Without a good credit limit your card is a smartphone with a 2G internet connection.

If you don’t have a good credit limit and you always max out your current American Express credit card, then it’s affecting your credit score as well and it’s really harmful for your credit score. So, get your credit limit increased by calling the customer service.

This is my personal experience with American Express:

I called their customer service yesterday around 9 PM and asked to increase my credit limit. The  representative was very polite and quick. She said she has put the request and it will be revised in 7-12 days. She also informed that as the concern department is closed she can’t transfer for instant approval, so if it’s urgent I should call back tomorrow between 9 AM – 6 PM.

I called today around 11 AM and the rep connected my call to sales (that’s what I heard), and the rep in sales was really efficient and knew what I wanted. All she asked was my gross yearly income and my expected limit. I answered both and then she said to wait for a minute.

It only took a few seconds and she was ready with my new credit limit, which was 2x than my current limit. She asked me if I was happy, I said YES!! And the new limit was set on my card instantly. I checked my account on Amex website and new limit was already reflecting.

Few Things to keep in mind before requesting for limit enhancement:

  • Always make the payments on time. It helps you to improve your CIBIL credit score as well.
  • DO NOT USE more than 60% of your credit limit.
  • New credit limit totally depends on how you use your card and it’s completely automated over the phone, so don’t fight if the rep says you’re not eligible for LE.
  • Be prepared, I know people whose limit was increased by ₹1000. (I KNOW!)

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