Expedia’s Hotel Price Guarantee

Expedia’s Hotel Price Guarantee

Note: The information provided below only covers Expedia US, Australia & New Zealand.

As Expedia’s best price guarantee has retired on 18th October, 2017, they will no longer match the price of a package (Flight + Hotel). However they have rolled out a new program called Hotel Price Guarantee (HPG) , and under which they will still match the price of a hotel booking.

What is Expedia’s Hotel Price Guarantee?

If you find a cheaper price for exactly the same hotel room with the same policy and amenities that you’ve already booked, Expedia will match the price and refund the difference.

Under Hotel Price Guarantee program Expedia will match the price of your hotel reservation up until the midnight before your stay.

Note: Expedia no longer takes or approves a claim over the phone.

Who is qualified to claim for a Hotel Price Guarantee?

Everyone who has a valid Expedia account can claim fro HPG. The only catch is that you must be an Expedia+ member.

Just fill up the Price Guarantee Claim Form and some one from Expedia will contact you and let you know if your claim has been approved.

Claim Form: Expedia US  |  Expedia AU  |  Expedia NZ 

How to know if my account is valid to claim for HPG?

Your account is valid only if you use email id and Expedia account password to login. Guest accounts do not qualify to claim for HPG.

If you do not have an account then go to Expedia website and click on account, and then click on ‘Create an Account’. Fill up all the details and DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK the box in front of ‘Join Expedia+ today’, which is just below the password boxes. And finally click on Create Free Account. You’re all set.

From now on whenever you need to make any reservation on Expedia, first click on Account and the Sign in and always log in with you email id and the password.

How to know if I’m an Expedia+ member?

Login to your account and then click on my account, if you’re already a member, you’ll see a Expedia+ tab with your reward point details. If you’re not a member, you will see a message asking you to join, click on join and you’re all set.

Source: https://www.expedia.com/rewards/howitworks

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