Guaranteed saving on hotel, flight, and package booking

Guaranteed saving on hotel, flight, and package booking
UPDATE: Best Price Guarantee program has retired from Expedia on 18th October, 2017. Expedia will no longer approve any claim over the phone. Expedia has launched Hotel Price Guarantee (HPG). CLICK HERE to know more about their Hotel Price Guarantee program. 

Note: The information provided below only covers Expedia Australia & New Zealand.

The most important thing to do before you go on a vacation is to find and book a hotel, and at the same time save some money. You search for the hotel on millions of different websites and most of the times you end up getting same price on all the websites. That’s how this competitive corporate world works.

You can still save some money by following these simple tips. There are many ways to save money on your hotel or flights booking, using price guarantee policy is one of the easiest and guaranteed way to save.

In this post I’ll only talk about the price grantee policy of Expedia Australia & New Zealand and how to get price match done without even finding a lower price on another website.

How to find if your booking is eligible for price guarantee?

Expedia ANZ will only match the price on a hotel (prepaid) or package (Flight + Hotel) booking. So make sure that the hotel room you wanna book is prepaid. If you’re not sure about your dates, then check the cancellation policy of your booking and make sure you book a fully refundable one.

I’ll talk about how you can get the price match done on flights only as well at the end of this post.

How to get the price match done?

Once you have found the hotel you wanna book and got the dates confirmed, call Expedia and choose the option ‘New booking’. Talk to the representative and let him/her know that you’ve found a lower price on another website. Tell the difference amount and ask to match the price.

The Catch: One of my friends who work for Expedia ANZ, told me that if the difference is less than $50, we don’t verify on the other website.

So even if you don’t find a lower price, just tell them that you can see the same hotel, same room type with same cancellation policy $48 cheaper on or any website.

Expedia Australia customer service:

  • Local: 1800 782 108 or 13 38 10
  • From abroad (charges apply): +61 2 8066 2745

Expedia New Zealand customer service:

  • Local: 0800 998 799
  • From abroad (charges apply): +64 9913 1849

I’ve been doing this for last 18 months, and it worked every time.

What happens once the price match is approved?

Once they have approved the lower price, you make the booking over the phone, give them all the details, and make the payment. You have to pay the full amount showing on Expedia. After the payment is successful, they’ll refund the difference of $48 (or whatever amount you say, as long as it’s less than $50).

If they match the price, you get the difference refunded in 5-7 business days.


Where can you use the $50 voucher?

Vouchers can only be used on a valid hotel or package reservation. Again the hotel should be prepaid to use the voucher.

They provide two kinds of voucher:

Price match: This coupon can only be used if you book for at least 3 nights and more than $350.

Goodwill: No catch. You can use it on any valid hotel or package reservation.

For last 4 months, I’ve got goodwill coupons only. Either I’m lucky or maybe they have changed the policy.

How many vouchers can you get in a month?

You can only get 3 vouchers in a month. They will never tell you as they can’t check everything when making the reservation over the phone. So if you have already used your account for 3 times in a month, create a new account with a new email and use the new account for 4th price match.

How many vouchers can you use on one booking?

You can only use one voucher on one reservation. What if you wanna use more than one, just split the nights and use one voucher on each night.

Example: If you’re booking 3 nights and the each night is more than $50, book each night separately and use one voucher on each booking. Later call the hotel and ask them to combine so you don’t have to change the room everyday.

Can you do price match and use the voucher as well?

Yes and No. If you’re lucky and have good will coupon you can use it and do a new price match as well. But if you have a price match coupon, you can’t. It depends on the representative as well, so insist or ask for a supervisor, he might just use any coupon.

How to save on flight booking?

If you’re booking a round trip( A > B > A), you can save a lot by just booking it as a package (Flight + Hotel) instead of a standalone flight. It’s always cheaper and also you can ask for price match and save up to $100 (refund + coupon).

What if you don’t need accommodation?

No problem!! Look for hotel only section, search for the hotel in your destination, and filter it by lowest price. Search for first night only. Now you’ll get the cheapest hotel on top, most likely it’s gonna be a backpacker/hostel. Just add that one night on your flight booking, and the price for the flight will change drastically.

I’ve even seen a decrease of $950 on a flight from Sydney to London just by adding one night. If you’re booking a domestic fligh with LCC (jetstar, tiger, airasia), you might not see much difference.

What to do with the one night accommodation if you can’t stay?

Disregard!! You’ll see that on your itinerary, but just disregard and don’t stay. No one cares. You can also call Expedia later and ask to cancel the one night, and if that is refundable, you’ll get the amount for one night refunded.

I prefer to disregard, as those hostels only cost between $5-$25.

If you have any suggestion or question, feel free to ask by using the comment form below.

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